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Cold Blooded
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New mountainous drawing, commissioned by a local upcoming band. This was SO much fun to draw, I had a great time. 

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Bensai-Tan.. Incarnation of Goddess Saraswati
Bensai-Tan (Benten) is the Japanese Goddess of love, luck, education, wisdom, and water…all kinds of water. She is the ruler of music and the arts. 
As a Water Goddess, Bensai-Tan is known as the purifying force that protects people and places from the darkness of the material world. She can protect us from natural disasters. 
Her virtues happiness, prosperity, and longevity. Originally the Goddess of the Sea, She is the sole female among the seven lucky gods of Japan who came on a boat from China.
Bensai-Tan inspires each of us to use our talents wisely and to our highest capabilities. She is the patroness of Geishas, dancers, and musicians. 
She is usually depicted as a beautiful woman with eight arms who plays a stringed instrument while riding on a dragon. 
In Her hands, She holds a sword, a jewel, a bow, an arrow, a wheel and a key. Her remaining two hands are joined as if in prayer.
Her eight arms hint that She was of Hindu origin, and indeed, many say She was Saraswati.
By K.Nagori
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"Life is to be enjoyed, not endured" -  Gordon B. Hinckley (via feellng)

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There’s a lot of characters there.
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So much hate in the world :(

"Diamonds in my mouth got me talkin cash shit" - The great Waka Flocka Flame

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